About the Team

        The virtual Turkish stars team was founded in 2010 by a group of virtual aviation lovers, mainly Dutch. They participated in various international virtual aviation shows between 2010 and 2014 and ceased their activities in 2014. No Turkish pilots were found in the team until 2019.


        Our team consists entirely of Turkish members today. Our aim is to exhibit the flight skills of the Turkish Air Force Turkish Stars Acrobatics team in the most accurate way on virtual platforms. An independent aircraft module has been developed for our simulator by our technical team. Virtual Turkish Stars is a fan-based group recognized as the virtual equivalent of the Turkish Air Force Turkish Stars team. We perform formation flight and sensitive aerobatic flights with flight simulators.


       Our mission is to represent the air shows of Turkish Stars in the past and the future in the best way. For this reason, in contact with real Turkish Stars pilots, we make the closest to reality flights in line with their knowledge, experience and advice.


       Flying in Virtual Turkish Stars means displaying talent, passion and flying skills correctly. For this reason, we continue our training flights with discipline. We encourage aviation enthusiasts with a passion for flying to try it for the team.


        What are Virtual Aviation and Virtual Airshows?
It is a hobby performed professionally using a flight simulator in the computer environment. Similar to the real pilots, this hobby requires a sufficient computer and flight equipment equipment. Today, almost every real acrobatic team has a virtual airshow team.