The NF-5A and NF-5B aircraft currently used by Virtual Turkish Stars are special modes and prepared by our team. We are always indebted to first the FTV team and then the Wine69 and VA Team for their outstanding assistance in the preparation of these modules.


   The NF-5s, which have been used in the Turkish Air Force since 1987, were selected as the most suitable aircraft for aerobatic flight thanks to their flight systems and performances during aerobatics. When the world aviation literature is reviewed, it is seen that the design of the F-5 aircraft is defined as the most suitable aircraft design for supersonic jet flight.


   Within the scope of the project started in August 1993 by Eskişehir 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Central Command;

With the chaff / flare dispenser units that increase aerodynamic drag, the cannon barrels were removed and canceled, and structural modifications were applied to these areas. Topside panel has been redesigned to provide pilots with ease of use and vision. To provide better visibility, the mirrors in the cockpit were replaced with mirrors used in F-4 aircraft and an additional mirror was installed.


   In order for the aircraft to release smoke for demonstration, the wing tip tanks used as fuel tanks were cut off from the other tanks and turned into a paint tank, and a hydraulic pump was installed in the paint tank to pump the paint in the tank to the exhaust.
The fuselage of the aircraft is painted in its current form.


Technical Specifications of NF-5 Aircraft:

  • Length: 47.2 feet

  • Width: 25.8 feet

  • Height: 13.2 feet

  • Weight: 14689 lb

  • Power: 2x2925 lb

  • Power: A / B 2x4300 lb

  • Fuel: 3964 lb

  • Fuel Type: jp-8 / jp-4

  • Maximum Speed: 710 knots (1315 km / hour)

  • G Limits: 7.33 / -3.0

  • Turning Radius: 4800 feet / 0.82 mach / 5.5 G / 11 degrees in one second

  • Engine Type and Power: 2xGE J-85-CAN-15 / 2x4300 lb.